iPhone/iPad: How to find downloaded files

If you’ve downloaded files to your iPhone or iPad, accessing them can be confusing compared to a Mac or computer. There is a special folder where iOS and iPadOS store downloads, and you can find it through the Files app.

First, locate the Files app on your iPhone or iPad. The quickest way to do this is with Spotlight Search. Swipe down from the middle of the home screen, and then type Files. Click “Files” in the search results.

Select the “Browse” tab at the bottom, and then tap “On My iPhone” or “On My iPad”, depending on the device you are using.

iPhone iPad downloaded files

The list under Locations will vary depending on the apps you have installed, but your device will always have an entry “On My [Device]”.

Then you’ll see a list of folders that, again, will vary depending on the apps you’ve installed. Generally, most people store files in the “Downloads” folder, so tap it.

You will see a list of all the files you have downloaded. During the download process, you can save a file to a folder other than “Downloads”. If you don’t see the file you’re looking for, tap the Back arrow in the top left, and then tap another folder.

Once you’ve located the file you want, you can tap it for preview or press and hold it to open a pop-up menu. You can then move, copy, or rename the file, along with other functions.

When you’re done, just exit the Files app. The next time you open Files, the file you’re looking for will be exactly where you left it.

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