James Bond: Why never use an iPhone?

It is very strange and even surprising that the legendary agent James Bond has never used an Apple iPhone.

Starting, then, with 2006’s “Casino Royale”, Daniel Craig has appeared mainly with Sony products (which seems highly normal, as Sony distributes the Bond films).

In the last film, however, “No Time to Die,” the agent for the most part uses a Nokia, according to what the mentalfloss.com reports. So why doesn’t Bond commit homicide with state approval while listening to his playlist on iTunes?

The answer, the mentalfloss.com says, is relatively simple to understand. As Wired explains, then, it would just be very easy to keep track of where James Bond is in case he had an iPhone, which doesn’t exactly have a user’s privacy at the forefront of its capabilities.

James Bond

But doesn’t that also apply to Nokia? Yes, with one key difference, however. The company struck a deal with Sony to display its brand name in “No Time to Die,” making it a financially good choice for Craig, who may even play sports with him.

In addition, the film’s specific Nokia, the XR20, is said to be extremely resistant to scratches and blows, all the best for a user like Bond, who is regularly involved in fighting, shooting and is close to deafening explosions.


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