Just around the corner the new Huawei E-reader

A new application was recently submitted by Chinese tech giant Huawei for multiple brands that are expected to be used for upcoming products. The company registered a number of brands such as Matt, Petal Mail, Petal Lily and Mate Paper. Today, a Weibo user revealed that Huawei has begun hiring test staff to test the e-ink display also known as, Huawei e-Reader.

According to the information, Huawei will soon release the tablet with an e-ink display that can be called a Huawei e-Reader or MatePad paper. Although the name has not yet been revealed, the exact model number is known – HMW-1L10. Interestingly, it will bring support for HarmonyOS out of the box.

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At the moment, it is unknown what exactly the technology of the ink display will be. Rumor has it that it will be a new method that revolutionizes the projection of information. It will be a screen closer to paper materials and yet, it will be more readable for the eyes.

Huawei is expected to bring the Huawei e-Reader soon and is rumored to be an interesting piece of technology once it’s on the market.


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