LG Z1 8K Smart OLED: Amazing television experience

In order to achieve the ultimate viewing experience, LG Electronics features the signature OLED Z19LA TV, with Real 8K resolution, achieved thanks to the power of 100 million self-illuminating pixels.

LG’s self-illuminating pixel technology enables individual control over each of the millions of pixels, which translates into outstanding image rendering, with an emphasis on every detail, unsurpassed depth levels, striking contrast and perfect black.

The color fidelity of the Z1 series has also been certified by Intertek, a world-renowned testing company, which confirmed that they have 100% color fidelity, thus capturing the colors of the original image perfectly on the screen.

In addition, thanks to Dolby Vision IQ technology, LG TVs “intelligently” adjust the image settings, based on the type of content, but also the surroundings. Similarly, the Dolby Atmos system delivers a multidimensional surround sound, creating a sense of a cinematic experience, but in the comfort of their living room.

LG Z1 8K Smart OLED: Amazing television experience

If the above features are combined with filmmaker mode, the user can enjoy their favorite movies exactly as their creator envisioned them, maintaining the original colors, initial dimensions, speed and frame rates.

But LG not only takes care of authentic cinematic experiences at home, but also the comfort and safety of those who enjoy them. That’s why he developed Eye Comfort technology, which allows the user to enjoy their LG TV in comfort, for even longer. Thanks to low blue lighting, elimination of flickering and blur, you can watch your favorite programs with a reduced feeling of fatigue for your eyes.

Thanks to these innovations, LG OLED TVs were also the first monitors, from any kind of TV, to receive the Eyesafe certification developed by TUV-Eyesafe.

Of course, all the above technologies are based on the advanced α9 Gen4 AI 8K processor, which uses deep-learning algorithms to “learn” the ideal viewing conditions and automate each image setting.


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