Life: What is natural immunity and how it is created

Natural immunity is a defense mechanism of any human organism against disease phenomena. The state of natural immunity, however, depends on many factors such as age, diet, health care, which among other things includes physical condition.

“Let’s start with the fact that we come across a large number of various pathogens, including viruses, but not all of them infect us. Only those viruses that have a special “key”, thanks to which they can enter our cell, to coordinate its internal mechanism so that it creates copies of the virus.

This is briefly the philosophy of viruses,” explains Professor Joanna Zajkowska from the Medical University of Bialystok about the portal
Prof. Zajkowska says about the supplements: “I would not overestimate their importance. The basis is a healthy, balanced diet, which should provide us with all the necessary nutrients, vitamins and trace elements.

In our latitudes, in the period of autumn and winter, it makes sense to supplement the diet with vitamin D3, but also this can not be overdosed, because you may overdose.

As for other immunity supplements though, I would be careful. A healthy diet with lots of vegetables and fruits is a much better idea.”

How to boost your immune system naturally

Herbs, sleep, garlic, healthy eating, sports, care of indoor air quality, etc. There are many factors and it is impossible to discuss them all. Almost all of us have come across phytotherapy, that is, the use of herbal drugs, both in the prevention and treatment of various diseases.

But herbal medicines are still products marginalized by the mainstream, which believes in the message of pharmaceutical companies. After all, not only herbal medicines, but also the entire natural heritage of humanity to strengthen natural immunity is underestimated. And yet phytotherapy is a very important part of the ancient medicine of the East – both Chinese medicine and Indian Ayurveda.

Immunity should be built regularly and throughout the year. Unfortunately, it is a myth that it can be effectively improved in a few weeks. Especially when we begin to act only at the time of increased diseases, when the immune system is already overcrowded and fighting against the invading microorganisms.

That is why it is worth starting actions to strengthen immunity as soon as possible.


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