MacBook keyboard butterfly removed mid-2020

MacBook keyboard butterfly mechanism is going to remove by apple , which was problematic after all, by selecting the traditional mechanism with the “scissor” switches, taking advantage of some improvements that have been made in recent years in the technology of Kind.

According to the renowned, reliable in its estimates, TF International Securities analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple by half of the new year will have completely removed keyboards with the “butterfly” mechanism from MacBook computers.

However, MacBook computers will retain their slim profiles, their keyboard will provide more comfort, greater “key travel” and higher durability. This type of keyboard is to have the MacBook Pro with the 16-inch screen expected to be announced within the month (or next)

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Also, all MacBook computers that will be released from the second half of 2020 are going to have a keyboard with “scissor” buttons.


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