Microsoft – NASA collaboration in quantum computers

NASA and Microsoft are now taking to the next level in a partnership that they hope will help the U.S. space agency coordinate its spacecraft more easily, a difficult process like any other space process happening from Earth.

The ultimate goal? Reduce the time it takes to transmit commands from hours to just a few minutes, thanks to quantum technology.

There are even some early signs of success. During testing, Microsoft recorded run times of the 16-minute schedule, well below the two or more hours NASA needed in the past. With a broader deployment, NASA will be able to create multiple timelines, allowing the service to become more agile.

Microsoft hasn’t released any other details about the partnership, but it’s quite possible that we’ll learn more as it matures over time and quantum technology is put into practice on future space travel.

Microsoft - NASA

Quantum technology deviates from the existing binary system, where “0 and 1” predominate. The technology allows the insertion of additional commands between them allowing symbols 0 and 1 to operate simultaneously in both their states.

The result is that the calculation is done much faster while we are only at the beginning of the research of quantum computers. If we could make a comparison of how big the difference is, we would have to compare the performance of one computer with 32KB RAM and another with 256GB RAM. Both in terms of capabilities and computing power.


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