Microsoft: Windows 11 system requirements cannot be bypassed

Microsoft recently unveiled Windows 11, which was not designed with users’ financial capacity in mind, amid a pandemic. Windows 11 features a new look, themes, and personalization options, Start main menu, and more that users like, as opposed to the hardware-level requirements of the new operating system.

Also, some users aren’t sure if their devices can be upgraded to the new operating system. The main problem is the requirement for the existence of a state-of-the-art chip, the TPM 2.0, which is preinstalled on most laptops, but apparently does not exist on most desktops. The limited number of supported processors is also a problem.

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Microsoft posted a video explaining the new requirements, stressed that it aims to increase security, and talked about whether users can bypass these restrictions. For those who don’t know, Windows 11 currently supports Intel 8th generation processors or younger, AMD Zen 2 or later, Qualcomm 7/8 Series.

Microsoft is confident that only devices with newer processors will qualify for the security and reliability it wants to offer in Windows 11, which is why older devices are blocked from its plan.

The company plans to check compatibility by using Windows Update before allowing Windows 11 to be installed, and a compatibility error will appear on the screen if the device does not meet the requirements set by Microsoft.

Microsoft representatives explained that they understand that it’s frustrating when someone’s device isn’t right for Windows 11, but they’re implementing these policies to ensure a quality experience.

Microsoft noted that Windows 11 is a great upgrade with an emphasis on security, and these requirements ensure both better performance and improved security.

The company confirmed that traditional bypass methods will not work. While users can remove restrictions on updates to Windows 11 by modifying the appropriate Group Policy, the minimum OS hardware requirements cannot be bypassed through an edit in Group Policy.


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