Minecraft achieved record sales with 200 million copies

Minecraft remains popular after achieving an record sales number of copies. Mojang Studios, the studio that created the game, and Microsoft announced that 200 million sales have been recorded since the game’s first release in 2011.

To understand the magnitude of the success and how big this number is, Grand Theft Auto V is in second place with 120 million copies. Impressive, the majority of users who have purchased Minecraft are still active. Microsoft says it has 126 million monthly active users.

This long-term success of Minecraft probably also has to do with the fact that both Mojang Studios and Microsoft continue to support the game with new content and features. In recent months, the two companies gave teachers access to the Education edition and incorporated the Education Collection into the basic version.

Minecraft record sales

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However, this has resulted in everyone having free access to educational content by the end of June. But the good news doesn’t end here since new content is already on its way.

After a short delay, Minecraft Dungeons will be released on 26 May, while the free Nether update will come sometime in the summer.


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