New Android control technology through facial movements

Google has unveiled a new technology for the Android operating system that includes a range of tools that allow control through the eyes and facial movements.

So Android users will start seeing the new additions to the Android Accessibility Suite, which essentially convert the front camera of the device into a switch. More specifically, the Camera Switch function comes to replace keyboards, mice and the touch screen as methods of entering data into the device.

With this feature, users have the ability to navigate the content of the device through eye movement or through corresponding facial movements, such as a smile, an opening or a closing of the mouth. The trial use of the feature began in August and now the company begins its normal distribution with the next upgrades of the platform.

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At the same time, Google also launched the new Project Activate app, which is intended for use by people who have a speech problem or have a neurological problem. The purpose of the application is to make it easier for these users to communicate with other people.

New Android control technology

Thus, it can be planned that the application pronounces phrases when the user moves his eyes in a certain way or when he makes specific movements with his face. The app can even be programmed to play audio files, make phone calls, or send you text messages.

Google also upgraded the Lookout app with a graphic recognition feature. The app can “read” handwritten and printed text, for languages using the Latin alphabet, in the file format of the Documents application. In addition, it can now recognize the symbols of the euro and the Indian rupee, with the company planning to support additional currency symbols in the future.

Google had announced the Lookout app in 2018 as a way to provide visually impaired people with audio alerts. Shortly thereafter, in 2020, this was followed by the addition of food recognition and text files combined with support for some additional languages beyond English.


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