New delay for Battlefield 2042 due to pandemic

After the delay of Dying Light 2, we have one more delay, this time for Battlefield 2042. The new date is November 19, that is, 1 month after the original. The EA company says the reason for the delay is the pandemic that has hit the planet. Be that as it may, however, we hope that this delay will be for good.

Battlefield 2042 is an upcoming first-person shooter video game developed by DICE and published by Electronic Arts. It is the seventeenth installment of the Battlefield series and the successor to the 2018 Battlefield V series.

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Similar to its predecessors, Battlefield 2042 is a multiplayer-focused first-person game. As the game is set in the near future, it features futuristic weapons and gadgets, such as turrets and drones, as well as vehicles that players can control.

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