New fast drones evolving by Greek and Spanish engineers

New fast drones and the development of flying UAVs was commissioned by Pyletech Technologies Greece to the research project of the newly developed technology company CIBOS of the Research University Institute of Communications and Computer Systems of the National Technical University of Athens.

The main objective of the research team is the development and creation of drones and UAVs where they will have a high speed of 100 – 120 km/h, will act in a wide geographical field and will have a particularly high lifting capacity of 100-150 kg load.

Pyletech Technologies Greece was founded in 2020 by North Star Group and is a company developing innovative products of new technologies in the fields of aeronautics, shipbuilding, energy production with zero CO2 footprint and logistics.

The research team of the project includes researchers and engineers from Greece (EPISY-EMP) and Spain (Aerospace Research Center FADA CATEC).


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