New HONOR 50 series features a strong camera performance

The new HONOR 50 series features a modern design with a strong emphasis on the camera (photo and video), responding to the needs of young people today. Recognizing the trend of downloading and sharing content on the go, the HONOR 50 series takes a leap forward in taking photos and videos, bringing users a unique vlogging experience.

With the rapid development of short-term videos over the past 18 months, young people have increasingly turned to vlogging to record and share all the important milestones of their lives. The HONOR 50 series takes video to the next level, thanks to innovative hardware and software, allowing users to unleash their creativity, wherever they are.

The HONOR 50 Pro is equipped with dual video cameras on the front. The 12MP camcorder has a wide 100-degree angle and an ideal 18mm portrait focal length, while the 32MP camera maintains more image detail, providing high-quality images at a time. AI Wide-Angle Smart Switching and Super Night Mode are also available for dual camcorders on the front, allowing even more vlogging options.

HONOR 50 series

In addition, the HONOR 50 Pro is equipped with six multi-lens shooting modes, with combinations that use the front and rear cameras simultaneously. When shooting videos, users can also apply various features, take a moment as a photo, and wide-angle shots, meeting all the requirements of a Vlog.

Further improving the vlogging experience, the HONOR 50 series makes it easier to record content than ever before with simple and easy-to-use software. Thanks to its innovative design, the HONOR 50 series features up to three microphones for better audio performance when shooting video. Users can also take advantage of the microphones in their Bluetooth wireless headphones to achieve remote wireless recording, providing an additional level of convenience when uploading the video.

Equipped with superior photography capabilities, both the HONOR 50 and honor 50 Pro feature a quad rear camera, which includes a 108MP main camera, 8MP wide-angle camera, 2MP macro camera and 2MP depth camera. The combination of different lenses offers users an improved shooting experience, providing cleaner photos, a wider viewing angle and richer details.

Combining the world of fashion and technology, the HONOR 50 series once again sets the standard of aesthetics in smartphones. Inspired by the classic ring designs of branded jewellery, the HONOR 50 series adopts the same classic, timeless ring design around the camera.

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Available in a range of stunning colours, Frost Crystal, Amber Red, Emerald Green and Midnight Black, the HONOR 50 series is designed to meet the needs of the most demanding user. Frost Crystal color was created through an innovative design process, creating a diamond finish that shines under the light.

The HONOR 50 Series display delivers enhanced color reproduction for an unparalleled color experience with stunning graphics. With high contrast, DCI-P3 100% color gamut and 439 PPI, the HONOR 50 Pro offers a higher percentage of colors and improved resolution, providing users with an exciting and real viewing experience, ideal for watching movies, browsing the web, photos or games.

All DEVICES in the HONOR 50 series support a 120Hz refresh rate. The HONOR 50 series has been certified with TÜV Rheinland EyeComfort Display 2.0 Certification so that reading, watching movies and videos becomes more relaxing for the user.

HONOR 50 series

With 5G connectivity, the use of demanding applications, downloading, video viewing and gaming, battery consumption is done at a faster rate. Also, allows users very quickly to improve the use of the single-cell dual-circuit battery that achieves fast 66W charging on the HONOR 50 and up to 100W on the HONOR 50 Pro, increasing the power to the maximum.

The HONOR 50 and HONOR 50 Pro come with a battery of 4300mAh and 4000mAh respectively, providing an extremely long life of autonomy. According to HONOR’s internal tests, HONOR 50 can be powered up to 70% from 0% in just 20 minutes, while HONOR 50 Pro can be charged up to 90% at the same time.

The HONOR 50 and HONOR 50 Pro make use of Qualcomm Snapdragon 778G 5G processor, ensuring excellent battery performance and consumption. In addition, the HONOR 50 series comes with innovations such as GPU Turbo X and Hunter Boost that further unlock the capabilities of the 778G 5G processor.

The HONOR 50 series is compatible with Magic UI 4.2 which provides unique connectivity and interaction with all other smart devices.

In terms of 5G connectivity, the HONOR 50 series supports dual 5G and Link Turbo, which allows for an excellent network experience in almost every scenario. Utilizing artificial intelligence and big data technologies, Link Turbo automatically analyzes user usage models and network conditions to find the best way to deliver an optimal result and seamlessly switch between Wi-Fi or 5G networks to increase download speed while adopting both networks.

It will be available in all international markets and an exact date will be announced shortly.


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