New Sony PlayStation 5 go near to five million consoles

Sony with the new PlayStation 5 looks very strong in sales of gaming consoles after it managed to sell over 4.5m units in 2020. This figure brings back memories of the not-so-distant 2013 PS4 had made corresponding sales figures in the first quarter.

Sony’s Gaming department is in the most profitable period in its history after revenue reached $8.4 billion. The good news for Sony doesn’t stop here, however, as sales of computer games were also up 50% higher at $763 million. It is also surprising that the revenue of the games far exceeds Hardware where they reached $2.3 billion.

Revenue from PlayStation Plus subscriptions and other network features also increased 9%. On the other hand, Sony confirmed that with every PlayStation 5 console sold it has a loss of money since the Japanese company’s strategy at the original prices the consoles have a lower price than the cost of manufacturing.

new Sony PlayStation

In the last quarter Sony Electronics has made quite a good run with slightly reduced total revenues but with operating expenses increasing by $1 billion. Also in the department of cameras and mobile devices there is a drop in sales as is the case in most manufacturers with the exception of Apple.

For 2021, all that’s left for PlayStation 5 is to further improve the production line so that the new console is available for everyone.


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