No new Galaxy Note for 2021 probably but why?

The new Galaxy note from Samsung probably won’t find an exit from the production line in 2021, but there’s no clear situation.

According to the head of the South Korean company’s mobile division, DJ Koh, Samsung probably won’t be releasing a new Galaxy Note this year as it has used to in recent years. In recent months there has been a series of rumours even of an end to the series.

The postponement – if it finally takes effect – will take a year since the company’s plans are the next model to be released in 2022, without specifying whether it will stay true to the timetable for the launch taking place between August and September.

However, the reason for the looming postponement of the Galaxy Note’s release this year is no more than the global shortage of chips in recent months. Many hardware companies face serious availability problems, with huge demand combined with the pandemic creating market shortages including CPUs, GPUs and consoles.

The Biden administration has already declared its intention to normalize the situation, but generally speaking, the problems are not expected to be solved anytime soon. We recall that the main feature of the Galaxy Note series, the S Pen, first appeared in the superior model of the Galaxy S series, which may be directly related to this development.


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