OLED burn in although rare, can ruin your TV

OLED display technology has entered our lives for good and is in a multitude of devices that we use in our daily lives. It offers perhaps the best image quality, with excellent contrast ratio that LCDs do not touch. Unfortunately burn in is always a possibility with OLED.

Burn-in describes the phenomenon in which part of the image, such as a continuous logo, stays on the screen in the background, regardless of what the screen shows.

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Apple’s support page for OLED monitors strongly promotes the fact that it has designed them to reduce the effects of burn in, despite acknowledging that this can happen in exceptional cases.

For its part, Google for Pixel smartphones says that burn in can occur when the same image remains on the screen for a long time at high brightness and suggests measures to limit the phenomenon.

In the world of televisions, LG has a special page that states that it is a rare phenomenon for the average user to create an environment that can result in burn in. In any case, however, many times have been uploaded on YouTube, forums and various social media that report the event.

However, all OLED can present burn in and based on what is known they are more prone than LCDs. Some things we should know are the following:

Burn in is likely with an OLED, but not to such a large extent with normal use. Most burn-in cases are characterized by a stay of an image which leaves after a few minutes. There will be clear signs of a picture remaining before it becomes permanent burn in.

In general, burn in is something that we should always be careful of, but not worry about.


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