OnePlus unveils the Virtual OnePlus World experience

OnePlus has unveiled the brand new OnePlus World, a virtual reality (VR) experience for its community around the world. The company will invite members of its community to attend the launch event of the long-awaited OnePlus 8T and experience OnePlus World.

OnePlus World offers an interactive 360-degree virtual world that hosts various activities up to and after presentation day. By signing in to OnePlus World, users can create their own unique avatars, with various accessories and customizations. The OnePlus World experience also offers an interactive play zone where visitors can play a range of exciting games, such as Warp, a multiplayer game where they virtually travel through the red wire, moving at extreme speeds to collect warp crystals and earn extra points.

Another game is the Hz, where users embark on a treasure hunt to collect Hz crystals, ranging from 60 Hz and 90Hz to 120Hz crystals. Users increase the speed at which it moved depending on the crystals they successfully receive.

OnePlus World virtual experience
OnePlus World virtual experience

Users can also visit a virtual #ShotonOnePlus gallery, which showcases the creative works of OnePlus’s global community, or go to the OnePlus Museum to relive the OnePlus brand’s journey with 3D models of all its previous devices, starting with the OnePlus One.

Users can earn reward points by visiting OnePlus World and participating in these activities. OnePlus World has an exclusive global scoreboard showing the top members with the highest points, based on their engagement until presentation day. Users with the highest points have the chance to win the upcoming OnePlus 8T. Similarly, users also have the opportunity to win exciting OnePlus gifts every day.

OnePlus World “hosts” and a virtual amphitheatre where guests can watch the presentation of the upcoming OnePlus 8T. Users can create a virtual room on the platform and invite friends to a private follow-up party, where they can connect via voice or written chat while watching the live stream. After the presentation, users can visit the Ultra Store, a unique 3D store within OnePlus World, to virtually unboxing the brand new OnePlus 8T device and purchase the OnePlus 8T pop-up bundle.

The iconic OnePlus 8T smartphone is due to be unveiled on Wednesday 14 October


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