Pandemic played a catalytic role in the spread of gaming

Although gaming has always had a big global influence, the recent pandemic has played a catalytic role in getting people to play even more video games. In fact, the figures impress where more than 2.7 billion people play video games either on an occasional and regular basis. This means that in the world’s population of about 7.8 billion, a third of them are Gamers according to data from the international statistics platform

Before the Pandemic people spent their time in front of a computer screen in order to share their hobby or spend their free time. But under the lock down regime brought about by the advent of the pandemic, it led too many users to the world of online games. This is the main reason why it pushed a huge population into gaming.

Also according to data from the international platform, fanatical users who deal with online video games consume about 3.5 hours on weekdays, while weekends can exceed 6 hours, having created a huge market worldwide. Here we note that special products “Gamer” appeared for the first time for laptops and peripherals. Impressive is also that in some countries, catering companies prepare special menus for Gamers.


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