Pixel 5a 5G: Life with humor is more beautiful | Video

Life with humor is nicer and this view seems to be shared by Google for the Pixel 5a 5G , which in its latest ad does not use some ordinary way of viewing , on the contrary, as you will see, the new video is a parody of Apple’s old ads.

In this small but sensational spot, the voice of apple’s former Chief Design Officer, Sir Jonathan Paul Ive, is heard. or as most of us know him, Jony Ive.

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With the same relaxed tone and British pronunciation, the announcer begins with the perfection of the circle by entering into philosophical pursuits and vivatic descriptions to reveal… the audio jack port!

The well-known feature that has now disappeared from modern phones as a technology of an old era, in advertising is glorified as something modern, complex and valuable. Even the clasp of the headphones in it, is described as “designed for the ultimate tative feedback to deliver the satisfying feeling of the click”.

The main theme in this video is the headphone jack where Google’s top smartphones no longer have a headphone jack, and this also concerns the upcoming pixel 6 series models, but the video is clearly intended to laugh freely and sarcastic apple and its habits!

Video from YouTube channel Made by Google


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