Pixel 5a has significant overheating problems

It may have been a few days since the Pixel 5a was unveiled, but the release of the device came as a bad surprise to Google. Several users and new owners of the Pixel 5a began reporting problems with their new device.

Most spotted notifications of overheating of the device when the camera was in use. More specifically, the device after a while begins to overheat, then the flash turns off and then the camera closes, displaying a relevant message.

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Pixel 5a

The problem has also appeared on journalists’ devices from websites such as AndroidPolice and AndroidCentral. In fact, similar problems plagued the Pixel 5, which carries almost the same hardware. The bad news does not stop here, however, since journalists report problems with the device’s touch sensor as well. At the bottom half of the screen, several related “anomalies” appear, with the device not always responding.

For the moment, most people say that these are software bugs that will be solved through updates. Google itself conducts research to identify the causes of the problems and of course to solve them.


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