PlayStation 5 is now officially in profit | video

Sony’s €499 PlayStation 5 console is now making a profit for the Japanese company. If we go back to the past it took several years for Sony to stop having losses with every PS3 sale, but in the case of the PS4, it took only about six months of its market debut for the Japanese company to start making profits.

Also, it took a few more months for the same thing to happen with the PS5 however its season… PS3 has passed irreversibly for Sony. It should be remembered that in the first period of the PS5’s commercial course, Sony had problems with its pricing due to its very expensive subsystems.

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Microsoft had also earlier this year reported selling its Xbox Series X|S consoles at a loss. Although the American company has long had to refer to sales figures, one company executive had stated – in epic’s lawsuit against Apple where he had been called to testify – that Microsoft’s profits come exclusively from toy sales and online subscriptions.

In its latest first-quarter financial results report, Sony reported that there are 104 million active users on PlayStation Network on a monthly basis, who spent an average of $37.09 each during the first quarter of the year on software, add-ons and services.

Also last quarter, Sony managed to sell about 500 thousand PlayStation 4 consoles, resulting in total console sales reaching an impressive 116.4 million.

Video from YouTube channel Scrubing

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