PlayStation 5: Jailbreak is now possible!

A well-known hacker named TheFloW, as everything indicates, is the first to pave the way for jailbreak on the PlayStation 5. This is understood by the last tweet he uploaded yesterday to his official account, in which we see screenshot of the settings of the console in which Debug Mode has been activated.

This means that the user managed to “break” the firmware of the PS5, having the ability to then run his own programs not over-enabled by Sony, resulting in .pkg. In the scenarios of such programs are of course various cheat engines, mod menus, and even emulators.

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In addition, it is not mentioned exactly which firmware version Nguyen managed to break except that it concerns a commercial version of the PS5 that is sold in stores.

However, the widespread circulation of how one can gain non-official access to the console will probably remain a closely guarded secret since Nguyen is a well-known white-hat hacker, helping Sony in the past to identify security holes in its consoles. Of course he is behind several popular homebrew efforts like the PSP emulator Adrenaline as well as trinity and h-encore.

So far there has been no official reaction from Sony, while Nguyen himself in a new tweet clarifies that he does not intend to make public the jailbreak method and does not intend to give any relevant timetable for when and if he will ever do so.


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