Possibility of removal in pre-installed apps wants the EU

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The European Union is expected to make an important decision to removal pre-installed apps where they exist on every new smartphone. The legislation is about to pass this year. Many are the users of mobile phones where they try to uninstall the specific apps where they are already installed on every new smartphone.

This consumer complaint seems to have been heard by the European Union, which is preparing to vote by the end of the year, legislation that will oblige manufacturers to offer the possibility of uninstalling all these – also known as bloatware – applications.

No further details on the exact content of the law have been released at this time. It is not clear whether it will make it mandatory to uninstall any preinstalled application or prohibit their existence entirely (obviously we are referring to those that are not required for the device to work).

removal in pre-installed apps

But everything indicates that it is being drafted in an attempt to hit the big companies (see Google, Facebook, etc.), whose apps are almost always installed on every new device.

This development comes in the wake of Epic’s new accusations against Google, with the former claiming that the latter vetoed blocking its agreements with manufacturers such as LG and OnePlus to add Fortnite (which is understood to remain outside the Play Store) to their devices.


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