Robot against coronavirus in Singapore shopping mall

A smart Robot is used in a commercial mall in Singapore against coronavirus to do disinfectants, but not with chemicals. The robot uses ultraviolet lamps so that it can effectively disinfect not only surfaces, but also inaccessible cracks, even air.

According to Derrick Yap (PBA Group) : “It is dangerous because the robot should not take action when there is a world (ultraviolet radiation is dangerous to humans). Boring because you go to one place and do the same thing every time and dirty because of COVID-19

Ultraviolet radiation (UVC) is dangerous for skin and eyes and this is why the robot is being tested after the closure of the Frasers Property Retail shopping centre. For protection purposes it is programmed to turn off its UV rays when it detects a human presence nearby.

Robot against coronavirus

When the path is fully mapped, the robot begins the cleaning process and then recharges itself. Yap even believes the pandemic will lead other companies to rethink their human resources needs and the use of technology, including robots, as cited by Reuters.

But these robots are not cheap, each costing about 45,000 euros. Some of them are also offered for rent for about 1,900 euros per month, while they will also be available in hospitals and quarantine centers.

Robot against coronavirus

Description from YouTube channel KAZE Automated Material Handling :

Meet Sunburst UV Bot, the first Made-In-Singapore UV – our latest weapon to eliminate the COVID-19 virus. The Sunburst UV Bot emits powerful UV-C light, which has been proven to be able to kill 99.99% of bacteria and viruses, very similar to the coronavirus, such as those behind MERS and SARS. These autonomous robots will replace manual labour disinfecting, protecting frontline cleaning staff, and relieving the strain on labour resources.

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