Rollable LG OLED TV in production with $87.000

Rollable LG OLED TV was first seen about 2 years ago, and the time has come when consumers will be able to acquire it, of course with an initially high price tag. So LG is ready to release the first rollable TV.

The start will take place in South Korea from next month, with a price tag of $87,000 which translates to 74,000 euros. The LG Signature OLED R as it is the full name of the model, relies of course on OLED technology, has dimensions of 65 inches and 4K resolution. LG introduced the TV in original form at the CES exhibition, and the entire TV panel has the unique ability to “disappear” into the base which is also used as a large audio bar.

Rollable LG OLED TV
Rollable LG OLED TV in production

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Similarly at the touch of a button, the panel “unfolds” and appears gradually until it locks into its full position, a process that is completed in 10 seconds. One of the functions of LG OLED R is the one that lets a part of the TV display useful information such as weather or various news. Supports HDMI 2.1 and features compatibility with Google Assistant, Apple HomeKit and Amazon Alexa and Dolby Atmos audio.

At the moment there is no update to LG Signature OLED R 65″ release in Europe or the American market.


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