Rumor says that new Mass Effect is being developed in..

According to job ads, the new Mass Effect is already being developed in Epic’s new graphics engine. The advert states that BioWare is looking for experienced developers who have worked on Unreal Engine 4/5.

The Frostbite that had been used in Mass Effect Andromeda probably did not leave them satisfied and the tech demos of Unreal Engine 5 are fantastic so far.

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We are waiting to see BioWare present it to us and officially to prepare psychologically for the continuation of the universe!

Mass Effect is a series of role-playing and science fiction action video games developed by BioWare and released for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Microsoft Windows, and Wii U.

The original trilogy revolves around the character named Commander Shepard, in an adventure that begins in the year 2183 and takes place in different parts of the Milky Way.

The main mission of the game’s trilogy is to save the various intelligent civilizations of the Milky Way from a race of powerful mechanical beings, known as reapers, and their agents.


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