Rumors about release of the Samsung Galaxy Note 22

According to various rumors circulating on the internet about the new Samsung Galaxy Note 22, the news is probably encouraging! Where everyone took it for granted that we would not see a new model in the Galaxy Note family, rumors come to the contrary. The Samsung Galaxy Note 22 is likely to come in a year.

If the rumor is to be believed, the launch of the Galaxy Z Fold 3 does not mark the end of the Galaxy Note’s history, with the Samsung Galaxy Note 22 estimated to finally make its appearance in 2022. To be precise, Samsung has never formally linked the release of its foldables to the end of the Galaxy Note’s release.

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All this has come from rumors and information on the Internet, so it’s no surprise to see a new version of the Galaxy Note after all. If, we combine the fact that lately Samsung has been emphasizing on the use of the S Pen, then the presentation of another model that will support it, is not a bad move on the part of marketing.


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