Samsung disables cameras if the bootloader unlocks

A disappointing news story came out of Samsung’s camp after according to XDA users, those who tried to unlock the galaxy Z Fold3’s bootloader saw an unacceptable warning that caused a lot of disruption.

This warning stated that after unlocking the camera will be turned off and the phone or apps may not work properly. Surely someone will say that the company did it to be covered, but after unlocking the camera app did stop working.

The same thing happened with other apps that used the camera. Once users locked the bootloader again, the camera mode was turned on again.

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Samsung bootloader unlocks

This is a tragic move, with which the company tries to fight the root of its devices. Already in the past we had seen samsung pay’s disable for rooted devices. But here the situation reached “strange” limits. Users who paid an amount close to €2000 (!!!) do not have the right to use their device as they wish.

We hope that the negative coverage that the above development got will put the company in second thoughts. I wish we didn’t see the restriction extended to other devices that will be released in the future, such as those in the S22 series.

Video from YouTube channel munchy

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