Samsung Galaxy A52 with 3 years of updates or not?

The Galaxy A52 5G as recently announced by Samsung will have three-year upgrade support following the same policy it announced for its Galaxy S series and Fold devices. Of course, this is a commendable move by Samsung where it is expected to give another life extension to devices where two years of use have passed.

The company also recently stated that the A-series devices will have the same treatment, but with a big question mark. The announcement seems a little strange when you consider that the only device in the A series that will have three years of support is the A52 5G.

Naturally the A series is not only limited to the above model but also includes the A52 4G, A42, A32, A10 and A02s where the upgrades will be made according to the company’s old policy i.e. two years of upgrades to the new Android versions and another two years of support related to security patches.

Samsung Galaxy A52

The big question mark as mentioned above arises because Samsung chose for a three-year upgrade to only one device in the A series. Maybe in the next few days we’ll have to wait for more news?


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