Samsung Galaxy devices will also act as a car key

Samsung Electronics has announced that Galaxy device users will be able to use their smartphones as digital car keys for the new luxury Genesis GV60 model.

Samsung’s digital key leverages UWB technology, a short-range wireless communication protocol that works using radio waves, similar to Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

However, the difference is that UWB technology transmits radio waves at a much higher frequency, allowing for extremely accurate space perception and directional capabilities, which allow mobile devices to better understand their surroundings.

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With UWB technology allowing entry into the vehicle without a key, the search for car keys in pockets and bags is now a thing of the past. With Samsung’s new digital key, users can lock and unlock their car, start the engine, open the trunk and more.

Samsung Galaxy devices

All this, through their smartphone and without pushing a single button. In addition, if the user wishes to lend his car to a friendly or family person for a short period of time, he can easily share his digital key or even set a time limit for the time that the shared digital key will be available.

This technology solution uses Samsung’s built-in Secure Element (eSE), designed to protect the most sensitive encryption information and keys so users never have to worry about whether their keys will fall into the wrong hands.

The accuracy of UWB technology can prevent possible attacks, where the signal is blocked or intercepted. Samsung’s digital key is fully compliant with the digital key standard as defined by the Car Connectivity Consortium (CCC), in which the Korean company is one of the key members.

Samsung’s digital key will be available in NFC and UWB with the Genesis GV60 model, initially in Korea, by the end of 2021.


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