Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 with 7,6″ foldable screen

The second generation with a foldable display revealed by Samsung Electronics with the Galaxy Z Fold 2. The 6.2-inch Infinity-O external display provides maximum usability for checking e-mails, searching for instructions, and tracking content, without having to wrap the device at a time.

When folded, the 7.6-inch internal display, with minimized bezels and a notch-free front camera, impresses with its customizable 120Hz refresh rate for smooth browsing and gaming. For a complete experience, the Galaxy Z Fold2 comes with the best dynamic sound currently available on a Galaxy device, with improved stereo effects and cleaner sound than dual high-dynamic speakers.

Galaxy Z Fold 2

The Galaxy Z Fold2 features a redesigned, sleek, single look with a refined finish. The internal display features the Samsung Ultra Thin Glass, providing a more premium and refined feel. Its design is enhanced by the Hideaway Hinge, which seamlessly applies to the body of the device with the CAM mechanism and allows it to stand at a free fixed angle, powering all new experiences of Flex mode.

The Galaxy Z Fold 2 also features particle removal technology, first introduced in the Galaxy Z Flip, to repel dust particles and unwanted pollutants from the gap between the device body and the wrap mechanism casing. As the new Fold 2 features a refined third-generation design, the space occupied by the particle removal mechanism is even smaller than in the Galaxy Z Flip.

To achieve this, Samsung has developed new innovative technology that ensures the same level of protection in a smaller space. Fold 2’s Hidden Folding Mechanism features revolutionary fine-cutting technology, modified composition and customized fiber density.

In addition, Samsung offers an online personalization tool for the Galaxy Z Fold 2 with four characteristic colors for the hidden folding mechanism – Metallic Silver, Metallic Gold, Metallic Red, and Metallic Blue. Now, users can create the Galaxy Z Fold 2 that perfectly complements their unique style, adding their personal touch to a luxurious design.

Galaxy Z Fold 2

With Capture View function, the camera app now includes the latest shots. The user can view the photo or video they just captured, or check up to five of their most recent shots in the bottom half of the device’s internal screen, while the preview of the next shot will appear in the top half of the device. Alternatively, users can be even more creative with Auto framing.

Plus, thanks to the flexibility of the Galaxy Z Fold2, users can take a high-quality photo selfie with the rear cameras, with the external display acting as a display screen. The camera also offers top quality camera and its handling tools. With Pro Video, Single Take, Bright Night and Night Mode, Z Fold 2 captures the moment in stunning quality.

Galaxy Z Fold 2

Users can get the most out of every moment of their daily lives and upgrade the viewing experience of their favorite apps, such as Gmail, YouTube, and Spotify. Microsoft 365’s use of the internal screen with Office apps mimics the experience a tablet offers. For example, you can take advantage of all the features of Microsoft Outlook while seeing incoming mail with the current conversations on the left side.

With the Galaxy Z Fold 2, users can access ultra-fast speeds with full 5G network compatibility, while the 4,500mAh battery for all-day use and the Ultra-Fast Charging feature ensure more work by removing the concern about the duration of use.

Fold 2 also offers Wireless DeX for distraction-free productivity, while UWB (Ultra Wide Band) technology is built into the device, making it quick and easy to share files, photos, or videos with Nearby Share.


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