Samsung: Mass production of new 90 Hz OLED displays

Last March Samsung had announced the new 90 Hz OLED displays for use on laptops, and now these are ready to come to us now, after entering the phase of mass production. These monitors will be 14-inch in size with a 16:10 aspect ratio that is best to use on laptops.

The resolution will be quite high, at 2880×1800 pixels, while the refresh rate will also be increased, at 90 Hz. According to Samsung, 90 Hz in OLED can offer a comparable visual effect to 120 Hz in LCD.

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What is striking, however, is the announcement that the first implementation of these panels will not be done on laptops of the Koreans, but on two Asus models, the ZneBook 14X Pro and the VivoBook Pro 14X.


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