Screen replacement on iPhone 13 costs up to $400

The potential cost of Screen replacement on the new iPhone 13 that was announced is certainly not negligible, and it is a reasonable concern as Apple announced the cost of repair for the entire 13 series and it concerns the replacement of the screen.

Apple iPhone 13 mini – 1699 yuan ($264)
Apple iPhone 13 – 2149 yuan ($334)
iPhone 13 Pro – 2149 yuan ($334)
iPhone 13 Pro Max – 2559 yuan ($398)
The above prices refer to the indicative cost of repairs in the USA.

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For those who have purchased AppleCare+, the screen replacement price is 188 yuan ($29). It is important to note that the above repair cost applies only to screen failures. If there is any other damage to the smartphone, additional charges will apply.

In addition, the battery replacement price for the iPhone 13 series is 519 yuan ($81). If someone has purchased AppleCare+, they are entitled to a free battery replacement.

According to reports, each iPhone can enjoy a 1 year hardware warranty and up to 90 days of free phone technical support during the limited warranty period.

The starting price of AppleCare+ for the iPhone 13 series is 1198 yuan ($186).


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