Shut down Chip factories in Texas because of the frost

Chip factories were shut down this week in Texas after severe weather caused polar temperatures. In recent times the semiconductor market has been lacking worldwide and this situation makes normal production of integrated circuits even more difficult.

In a statement issued, NXP Semiconductors N.V. A major supplier to the auto industry and mobile phone manufacturers announced that two units in Austin, Texas, had temporarily ceased operations.

The extreme weather conditions prevailing during this period brought huge problems in the operation of the factories since they did not have a supply of electricity and gas. According to several US media, two other companies, Germany’s Infineon and Samsung from South Korea, also stopped operating the factories as possible power outages from Austin’s largest electricity provider.

Two other American companies, Ford and General Motors, have temporarily closed their factories in the United States due to global shortages of integrated circuits.

tfo Note :

Despite the world’s shortages in semiconductors, extreme weather conditions are now also creating another problem in the already large problem. It is noted that more and more news reports refer to the specific lack of integrated circuits and at this rate the market is not expected to normalize before 2022 (personal estimate). Also the pandemic that has been hitting the planet for over a year now creates an additional problem that as the numbers show is not expected to end anytime soon.


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