Smartphones with 7 years of support wants Germany

Although the standard of supporting smartphones with software updates for three years tends to become the norm, Germany is pushing manufacturers more. A similar logic governs the rules that the European Union wants to lay down.

No more, no less, Germany believes that manufacturers should support their smartphones through software updates for a period of 7 years from the moment of the start of their commercial course. On the contrary, the corresponding committee of the Commission considers that the period of 5 years should be institutionalized.

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At this stage, the time period of 3 years is taken for granted by many manufacturers, mainly in the Android ecosystem, but one can hardly find support that lasts longer. Many people welcome this, as technological developments are so rapid that one should not expect a device that was unveiled three years ago to be able to support current developments with claims.

It is worth noting, however, that the German proposal also covers spare parts, which should be available at reasonable prices for the period of these seven years.


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