Solar beach umbrella built by a Greek engineer

An innovative solar beach umbrella was constructed by the 42-year-old mechanical engineer Mr. Ioannis P. Moisiadis from Thessaloniki and according to him, it was a dream come true!

Starting in August 2011 his study and research on how to implement it, he arrived this September to build his own photovoltaic umbrella that apart from protecting humans from the sun will be useful for charging electronic devices, such as mobile and tablet.

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The solar beach umbrella has photovoltaic cells that convert solar energy into electricity. The charging voltage for the electronic device is 5V and the maximum intensity is equal to 2A. In addition, it is capable of providing power up to 10W. Charging is done via USB.

Finally, its frame is supported by four double wings which have photovoltaic cells and open and close like common umbrellas.

What does a photovoltaic system mean?
In general, photovoltaic systems are one of the most important renewable energy sources. In a natural way and with the use of photovoltaic cells they take the energy from the sun (solar energy) and convert it into electricity and electricity.

A photovoltaic system is therefore a device of several photovoltaic cells in a row. They were invented in 1839 by Alexandre-Edmond Becquerel. These are artificial silicon semiconductors which are intended to create an electrical circuit. That is, photons absorb solar energy and produce electricity.


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