Sony is preparing its own chip factory in Japan?

According to a Nikkei report carried by Reuters, Sony is in talks with TSMC about a huge investment. In particular, the PlayStation company is considering a possible partnership for the joint construction of a chip factory within Japan.

In fact, the government of the rising sun is prepared to pay part of the investment, amounting to 6.1 billion euros. This particular factory will be able to produce the necessary chip for cars, camera camera sensors and various other components for many more products that have reduced ink at this time due to the global shortage of chip. According to the report, its gates are expected to open by 2024.

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Sony is preparing its own chips factory in Japan?

Taiwanese TSMC is the largest company for the lease and production of chip in the world and among other things manufactures components necessary for iPhones and other Apple products. What troubles the company is that most of its production units are concentrated in Taiwan, while China does not rule out the use of armed forces to bring this democratic country under its control.

Of course, an important role in the decision to build a new factory is also played by the lack of chip, which has affected from the stock of the PS5 to Tesla’s cars, with governments and businesses doing their best to stabilize the situation.

For the record, we recently had the first reassuring statements about the so-called “chip shortage”, after AMD’s CEO gave hope that the situation might improve in the second half of 2022.


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