SpaceX first manned private mission go for launch on Sept.15

The world’s largest private space company, Elon Musk’s SpaceX, has announced that the long-awaited first manned private mission in which only individuals and no astronauts will take part will depart on September 15.

The mission’s craft called Inspiration 4 will be launched from NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida. The Crew Dragon craft built by Space X will be home to four people who have successfully passed the training required for such a trip.

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The mission was inspired and organized by the American billionaire Jared Isaacman who himself undertook its cost. He wanted to make a trip to Space with ordinary citizens and not astronauts.


At the same time, he wanted to pass on a social message by announcing that his fellow passengers would be selected through various sweepstakes procedures that would be part of a campaign to raise $200 million for st. Jude Children’s Hospital.

From this campaign emerged the three people who will accompany the entrepreneur on the trip. One crew member is Sian Proctor, a professor of Geoscience at South Mountain Community College in Phoenix, Arizona. The second member is Chris Sembroski, a former U.S. air force pilot and worker in the aerospace industry.

The team is complemented by Hayley Arceneaux, who works as an assistant in a doctor’s office and she was treated as a child with a serious health problem at St. Jude Children’s Hospital.


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