Spacex plans to install giant satellite station in Greece

SpaceX wants to install a large satellite station in Greece, spending several tens of millions of Euros. The satellite station’s goal is to support the operation of the new international starlink telecommunications network worth 10 billion dollars (8.4 billion euros) now being developed by SpaceX, the private space company of the American businessman Elon Musk.

This network will be based on approximately 4,300 low-orbit satellites over the Earth, which SpaceX will develop on behalf of its subsidiary Starlink. It is a satellite hub that will “collect” and “distribute” telecommunications traffic in a wider area of the SE Mediterranean.

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The latter has already been licensed by the National Telecommunications & Post Commission to provide telecommunications services through the satellite network in Greece. The provision of services has started on a trial basis to 300 users and it is estimated that by the end of the year, or the beginning of 2022, the service will also be commercially available.

Already test services of the Starlink network are offered in the USA and other countries both in Europe (UK, Netherlands, etc.) and Oceania (Australia). In fact, the company is estimated to have already orbited the Earth, more than 1,700 satellites.

For the development of the satellite station in Greece, SpaceX is in contact with the Greek government. The issue is handled by company executives from the USA, despite the fact that Starlink has a presence in Greece through Starlink Holdings Netherlands, founded in the Netherlands by SpaceX.

The satellite station that SpaceX wants to develop in Greece is going to be installed in Koropi and specifically in the industrial area of Koropi (Aloniastra location). It is a satellite hub that will “collect” and “distribute” telecommunications traffic in a wider area of the SE Mediterranean. The station of Elon Musk in Koropi, as it is now called, will now have 9 satellite antennas, which will communicate continuously with an equal number of satellites of the network.

The Koropi station, if completed, will be one of the dozens of satellite stations that SpaceX will create all over the planet, in order to “raise” and “lower” the telecommunications traffic between satellites and terrestrial networks.

In the USA only, the company is planning 32 corresponding satellite stations, while a few dozen will be set up in other countries of the world.

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