SpaceX: The first space tourists returned to Earth

The first space flight with a crew of non-professional astronauts that took place on Elon Musk’s SpaceX spacecraft was successfully completed.

For three days the four travelers watched unique images, enjoyed favorite foods, even watched movies orbiting the Earth, and chatted with actor Tom Cruise who is preparing to make a film in Space.

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The first space tourists

SpaceX’s capsule lands in the ocean off Florida, United States, successfully completing the first flight with a crew of non-professional astronauts. Coming out of the capsule, Captain Jared Isaacman exclaims, “It was a terrible ride,” and adds, “We’re just starting out.”

On the trip, which he financed entirely himself, he had an artist, a veteran of the U.S. air force and 29-year-old Hayley Arceneaux with him. The young doctor spoke from Space with children patients of the hospital, where she currently works.

The four of them also spoke with actor Tom Cruise who is preparing his own flight on a SpaceX boat to make a film away from Earth, as well as with singer Bono of the rock band U2.

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From the specially designed large window of the capsule, the four tourists of Space enjoyed unique images of the Earth.

Video from YouTube channel SpaceX

Their food differed from the usual of astronauts. They ate cold pizza, sandwiches, bolognese spaghetti and even lamb. Some even watched movies on tablets before the descent to Earth began.

The four amateurs were trained for six months and during the flight they carried out scientific experiments. Above all, however, they proved that more and more people can reach space.

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