Take a look this amazing Tesla Phone by Martin Hajek

Tesla has not officially confirmed that the plan to build the first mobile phone will go ahead, but on the other head there are signs that we may soon have a new brand of mobile phones on the market.

What will the mobile look like and what will it be called? What different characteristics will it probably have compared to what we are used to? We have to have patience to get the answers in due course. Musk has never openly stated whether he intends to enter the busy smartphone manufacturing industry.

However, rumors have been circulating in Tesla’s factories for quite some time. Based on such reports, in 2018 designer Martin Hajek created a mock-up of what a Tesla smartphone might look like if Musk ever decides to make a gadget that you’ll attach to his electric cars.

In 2019, even when Tesla was struggling to make money, it didn’t seem to have prevented it from attempting new initiatives, such as the plan to colonize Mars, sending a vehicle into space, and creating the largest lithium-ion battery ever.

Tesla Phone

According to the SlashLeaks leak, Tesla is working on a smartphone codenamed Quadra. There are no additional details about the features of the mobile phone. It has small frames on the sides and a notch similar to the iPhone X.

The notch is smaller than the rest of the phone and can fit a headset, front camera and other sensors. In the upper left corner of the rear frame there is a camera housing. The center of the back side is almost entirely occupied by a large Tesla logo “T”.

What seems to be the company’s plan is to proceed to a “bonding” and a synergy of its devices. The Tesla Phone will snap and become one with Tesla’s car, and together they’ll benefit from Starlink’s low-orbit satellite network, which will allow people to access the internet from anywhere on the planet.


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