Technology: People now spend more time than ever on their mobile

People are now spending more time than ever on their mobile phones, as they spent 2021 on average almost five hours (4.8) a day on their mobile, 30% more than in 2020, dealing with various applications.

That is, they dedicate to them almost a third of their awake time, according to data from the App Annie company. Every minute consumers in the world download more than 435,000 applications, and in 2022 a new record is expected to be noted.

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The company’s “State of Mobile” report estimates that in 2021 users “downloaded” 230 billion euros. times all sorts of applications on their mobile phones and they spent EUR 170 billion on their mobile phones. dollars to buy them (those that were not free).

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The most popular app for “download” was Tik Tok, where users spent almost twice as much time (90% more) last year than in 2020. App Annie estimates that by the second half of 2022 Tik Tok will surpass $1.5 billion. monthly active users.

The company’s estimates are based on the analysis of data from ten countries (USA, Canada, Japan, India, Turkey, Mexico, Singapore, Brazil, Indonesia, South Korea). In the last three countries the average user has exceeded five hours a day on his mobile phone. Of that time, 70% – seven minutes out of ten – is spent on social media and photo and video apps (with Tik Tok taking the reins).

In 2021, about two million new mobile apps and mobile video games were released. YouTube is the world’s most popular streaming video app, while Netflix was in second place.

Users spent $116 billion on mobile games, a field that is constantly gaining friends on mobile. Mobile ads are also doing very well, with global spending exceeding $295 billion in 2021 and expected to reach $350 billion in 2022.


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