The future of space travel experience by World View

The experience of a travel to space against the backdrop of space tourism wants to offer for a fee, the company World View.

In particular, according to the Reuters news agency, World View’s space trip will offer a $50,000 flight into the stratosphere. This price makes it much cheaper compared to Virgin Galactic or Blue Origin flights. Even if the prices of the two companies’ spaceflights have not been formalized, they are estimated at levels above $200,000.

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Moreover, the price is not the only difference between World View and Virgin Galactic and Blue Origin. After all, while passengers on Virgin Galactic and Blue Origin flights will be soaring into space, those of World View will climb to 100,000 feet slower and perhaps more “enjoyable”; specifically, they will climb by aboard a balloon.

This balloon will be able to carry up to eight passengers, according to international media. Its ascent will last about two hours, at a speed of 12 miles /h, while its descent will take about an hour. The company will offer several destinations as an option, including Giza, Grand Canyon and the Great Wall of China.

As far as safety is concerned, World View describes the balloon it will use as a zero-pressure system. This means that the pressure of the sun with which the balloon will be filled will be equal to the pressure of the air around it. So even if there is some wear on the balloon, the consequences will not be catastrophic.

It is worth noting that there are further positives in the choice of space flight with World View. According to statements by high-ranking executives of the company, its space flight is more friendly to the body and the environment. Even if passengers are unable to experience “zero gravity”, their flight will take much longer (10 to 12 hours, with seven to nine of them at 100,000 feet).

Finally, the company’s spaceflight is expected to begin from early 2024, and World View is already accepting advances of $500.

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