The trifold smartphone/tablet soon from Samsung?

Following the release of foldable smartphones Samsung is flirting with trifold devices and so far we have seen trifold smartphone, trifold tablet, and trifold screen. Now LetsGoDigital has discovered a patent that you mention on a foldable electronic device that supports S Pen.

Since Samsung has found a solution to the issue of the sensitive screen of foldable smartphones and we expect in July to launch the Galaxy Z Fold 3 that will support S Pen, it goes one step further and solves another issue.

Today’s foldable may not have a slot for S Pen for many reasons, such as lack of space and reduced stamina. The patent shows a Samsung foldable that folds in two places. The center part acquires the dimensions of a smartphone and the left/right pieces are equal width and cover its back.

This foldable can fold both in and out. It also supports S Pen and can accommodate it in the special space designed by the company between the external parts of the screen. The stylus stays on the device using a magnet.

On the other hand, Samsung will have to decide whether this device will find the necessary audience in the tablet market and the viability of the market. Towards the summer the Galaxy Unpacked event scheduled for August 2021 will provide further perspective on the possible course of the new foldable device.


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