World’s fastest machine for new coronavirus PCR tests

It is currently the world’s fastest machine for the new coronavirus PCR tests, assures a 38-year-old former student in the US who founded a biotechnology company in 2009. It takes just thirty minutes for the machine produced by a Chinese company to detect the coronavirus.

In a Beijing lab, a researcher takes a sample taken from the respiratory tract, adds reactives and inserts it into a black-and-white printer-sized device. This machine, called ‘Flash 20’, costs 300,000 yuan (38,000 euros), and detects the presence or not of the new coronavirus. The device pulls out the result within half an hour and the person concerned receives it directly on his mobile phone.

In China, airports use it to check passengers arriving from abroad. And health authorities have been using it for months to detect the virus in districts that are under lockdown because of Covid.

fastest machine coronavirus tests

The first country to tackle the new coronavirus, China assures that it has reduced the epidemic thanks to quarantine measures, the use of masks and the detection of case contacts through personal data.

But the virus is still circulating elsewhere in the world. The limit of one million dead has just been exceeded. Detection is one of the weapons to control the epidemic. PCR tests are considered more reliable, but their management proves complex and often takes hours to achieve a result.

Coyote managers argue for their part that Flash 20 is not only fast, but also reliable. Between February and July, 500,000 confirmation tests were carried out by the Chinese authorities. The conclusion was that the results (positive or negative) of the machine were 97% similar to those of the classic PCR tests.

In addition to China certification, Flash 20 also received the certifications of the European Union and Australia. Coyote also hopes to obtain U.S. certifications (from the FDA, the Food and Drug Administration) and the World Health Organization.

The advantage of fastest machine coronavirus tests Flash 20, which its manufacturers claim, is the fact that it is simple to use and can be handled by anyone and not just qualified personnel. But Coyote can only manufacture 500 machines a month. However, it plans to double that number by the end of 2020.


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