These android apps can steal passwords on Facebook

Some android apps where you may have recently downloaded may play a very “dirty role” on your phone resulting in a possible interception of personal information or passwords from other apps installed on your Smartphone.

Google may be trying to control the status of the Play Store, but the truth is, it doesn’t do so well when it comes to novice users. Malware apps have appeared in the company’s digital app store from time to time. Last week, a team of researchers tracked down 10 apps that stole facebook usernames. In fact, one of them had over 5 million. downloads, while most had hundreds of thousands.

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The Android apps that steal Facebook passwords are:

PIP Photo by creator Lillians — 5,000,000+ downloads
Photo by creator chikumburahamilton — 500,000+ downloads
Rubber Cleaner by creator SNT.rbcl — 100,000+ downloads
Horizon Daily by creator HscopeDaily momo — 100,000+ downloads
Inwell Fitness by creator Reuben Germaine — 100,000+ downloads
App Lock Keep by creator Sheralaw Rence — 50,000+ downloads
Lockit Master by creator Enali mchicolo — 5000+ downloads
Rope Pi by creator Talleyr Shauna — 1000+ downloads
App Lock Manager by creator Implummet col — 10+ downloads

If you have any of the apps installed on your device, it’s a good thing to uninstall it right away. Of course, the researchers informed Google that it immediately removed its apps from the Google Play Store.


Our lesson from above? Care needs to be paid to which apps we install, even from the Google Play Store. Some of them may not only have too many ads, but also cause something worse. Fortunately, Google seems to be reacting immediately.

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