These are the smart life-saving road barriers, video

Road barriers are not only there to define the boundaries of a road but to maximize the chances of us getting out of a potential accident unscathed. Also, road barriers prevent the vehicle from being in the opposite lane with all that this entails for the final outcome of an accident.

Despite the fact, therefore, that in recent years active and passive safety technologies have made remarkable progress, the same is not true of bars which often-densely prove fatal in a car accident, as all these years have not shown that they can follow the development of technology and vehicles.

The truth is that there have been efforts and even successful in adopting a new model in the construction of protective railings, so that they do not work… punitively in a potential conflict, limiting material and not only losses.

Road barriers

The example of the bar which carries in its middle cylindrical elements is characteristic of the effectiveness that a new type of railing can achieve, which greatly releases the kinetic energy of the vehicle and the impact force, limiting to a minimum the risk of a serious injury.

In fact, this type of bariere works equally effectively in heavy-duty vehicles or even in almost frontal collisions, which highlights the multiple benefits that can result from its use.

Video from YouTube channel Mashable Deals

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