This handmade iPad Pro Stand holds a magnetic Apple pencil!

The handmade iPad Pro Stand is carved in a format that allows ergonomic use and convenience, while it has a special design that seems to keep pace with Apple’s ideology!

Depending on how you use them, smart devices guide us through the week and keep us on the agenda of our personal and work programs. The Apple 2016 pencil, on the one hand, was designed for the iPad Pro, but tends to get lost. Johann is interested in designing a sustainable brand of Apple Wood Accessories, made from a wooden iPad Pro base with a built-in Apple pencil case, so there will always be room to store it.

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handmade iPad Pro Stand

Usually our favorite pens fall into inaccessible cracks, our pencils roll under our beds and never look back. Yohann’s iPad Pro Stand has the perfect reception when your Apple Pencil isn’t in use.

handmade iPad Pro Stand

The secure rim allows it to be fastened to the iPad Pro base. Apple Pencil Holder has magnetic edges to ensure safe storage and you’ll never lose your Apple Pencil again. The handmade iPad Pro Stand is made of a single wooden boat for robust and durable construction. It also has wings for use in many corners.

handmade iPad Pro Stand

Enriching our library with smart electronics and accessories will become as huge as managing our photographic library. To clean our desks of cables and gadgets, Yohann created the iPad Pro stand with a built-in Apple pencil stand.


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