This iPad Pro has so much gold that it costs…

An Apple iPAD Pro decided to dress in gold the company Caviar where quite often it creates expensive devices where they are decorated with precious minerals and gems. Of course, in this particular implementation with the iPad, she surpassed herself after creating a very impressive device.

So in this particular iPad Pro the company has replaced the well-known Apple badge on the back of the tablet and placed a whole apple tree and the ground underneath and all of them are made with 18 carat gold. There are three versions, with the most expensive including the 12.9-inch iPad Pro with 1TB storage and a pure gold frame.

The trunk of the tree, the branches and the ground are also made of gold, while the sky is made of rare wood. The total weight of gold on this iPad exceeds 1 kg, and certainly this particular creation and construction stands out from any iPad out there.

Apples contain 81 diamonds with a diameter of 3 mm. At the bottom are famous expressions by Steve jobs and Tim Cook, such as “Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition” and “May your joy be on your journey, and not in some distant goal.”

The price of the most expensive iPad Pro is $185,690.


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