This petrol station will offer exclusively electricity

A petrol station in the de la Défense region of France is stopping the supply of liquid fuel and will only provide electricity. And when we say electricity, of course, we’re talking about fast-chargers for electric vehicles.

Thus, a Total service station will be the first in France to stop supplying liquid fuels and will serve the charging of electric cars, resulting in the abolition of liquid fuel pumps. This is more of a symbolic action as the world’s 9th largest oil group makes the transition to electric Mobility.

Works has already begun on the French petrol station located near the headquarters in the La defense area and from the end of June 2021 the service station will serve exclusively electric vehicles. Electric vehicle users will be able to recharge their cars at one of the 9 charging stations available to them, where six stations will offer fast charging with a power of up to 175 kW.

This service station already measures 40 years of life since it was first built in 1980 with the first renovation taking place in the early 1990s. Of course, the service station will continue to operate the shop selling various items as well as the cleaning and washing department.

A spokesman for Total told French media. “The decision was taken to convert the petrol station in La Défense into a 100% power station. There is a large population in La Défense from taxis, commercial vehicles, residents and workers. This move responds to a demand that will increase in the coming years.”


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